Prioritize. Build in phases. Rinse and repeat.

Our primary focus is on helping clients lower operating costs and increase revenues through the strategic application of tailor-made web applications. The return on your investment will be realized within months, not years, as we design solutions based on features that provide real value. We are experts at prioritizing critical features and employ a phased approach to optimize value and time-to-market. If we don't think there will be a net benefit in building a feature into your system, we'll let you know.

Lower Risk, Earlier Return-on-Investment

Our agile software development methodology entails that we will build the most critical components of your application first, deploying the system at frequent milestones. This means that after only a short period of time, you will have a functional system that you can start using. The "nice-to-haves" will be added in an iterative fashion over time, as you discover your usage patterns and re-evaluate your priorities. By implementing the application into your business processes sooner, you will begin to realize a return on investment well before the project is completed. And by prioritizing and building the most critical features first, you won't spend your hard earned dollars on something you might never use.

High Communication and Customer Involvement

We emphasize high communication and customer involvement through frequent "beta" releases to ensure feedback is provided early and often. Our customers are provided with a secure area whereby they can preview their web application at any point throughout the development cycle. We find that this helps keep projects on track, saves time, and yields a better product that delivers immediate results.

Quality Assurance

We develop professional-grade software with highly usable front-ends and highly maintainable back-ends. Our team is backed by years of experience developing commercial web applications and higher education in Computer Science and/or Software Engineering. We ensure that the code we write is carefully architected and compliant with web standards; the end result is an application that costs less to maintain over time and increases the longevity of your investment.

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