Socket: E-commerce for the rest of us. Coming soon.

We recently launched a teaser page for a new (SaaS) product we've been working on called Socket.

Socket completely rethinks how e-commerce should work for businesses that offer more complex products/services than those that fit in with the “add-to-cart” model.

These businesses typically include those within the B2B or service industries. Until now, these businesses have been forced to either completely forego an online revenue stream, or develop a custom e-commerce website that fits their requirements. Unfortunately, most fall into the former group. Until now, of course… :)

We’re currently accepting applicants for a private beta, which we’ll be launching soon. To request an invite, go to and leave your e-mail. We’ll give you an invite code, which if you share and invite 3 other people, will get you priority access and 3 months of free service once we launch.

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