Introducing Socket: Sales quoting software with instant, online quoting system

Deversus recently released a new product called Socket, currently in private beta testing.

Socket is an online quoting system that lets businesses build their own online quote forms, plug them into their website, sell online, and track and manage leads.

Socket addresses the common problems faced by B2B firms such as service providers, commercial software vendors, and manufacturers. Typically, such companies are unable to benefit from online sales via the traditional and overly-simplistic “add to cart” model of e-commerce software.

Through a combination of complex product and service offerings, and requirements that differ between customers, most B2B companies are forced to manually generate sales quotes and process orders offline - a highly inefficient way of doing business. Currently, these companies are faced with the choice of developing costly custom software, or foregoing the online revenue stream entirely.

Socket is built on a foundation of 5 key components: Configurable Online Quote Forms, Customer-Facing Instant Quote Builder, Simple Website Integration, Online Payment Processing, and Lead Management and Reporting.

Configurable Online Quote Forms allow businesses to easily build their own online Quote Forms, which define what products/services their quotes contain, and how they are calculated. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface and rule-based pricing system support the easy creation of configurable products, volume or percentage-based pricing, and customizable shipping and tax calculation by region.

Online quote form builder
Online quote form builder

The Customer-Facing Instant Quote Builder utilizes the pre-configured Quote Forms to allow customers to build their own custom-tailored sales quotes, with real-time pricing calculation. Quotes are automatically e-mailed in PDF format and the Online Payment Processing component allows customers to place orders securely online via credit card, with support for recurring billing.

Instant online quoting system
Instant online quoting system

Simple Website Integration allows these companies to integrate their Quote Builders by copying and pasting a small piece of auto-generated code directly into their web page of choice. Customer and sales quote data are collected in a secure, centralized database and Socket’s Lead Management and Reporting component provides companies with valuable insights into their business.

Lead management and reporting
Lead management and reporting

For more information about Socket, or to register for the private beta, please visit

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