You're the idea. We're the execution.

Our clients partner with us to design and develop their products. Working collaboratively, we craft custom software that is simple and enjoyable to use.

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Since 2007, Deversus has designed and developed countless web-based software products for companies ranging from one-person startups to global brands.

Our Process

We begin every project with an in-person consultation, where we gather some preliminary information about your business, ideas, and goals. We then assess the feasibility of the project and provide a "ballpark" estimate of development time and cost. Our process varies slightly depending on the project and requirements, but essentially it falls into two categories — agile or fixed-price and scope.

Agile / flex-time approach

  • For larger, complex projects with many unknowns
  • MVP divided into short "sprints" based on priority
  • Scope and priorities may be re-adjusted throughout
  • Projects are billed by time per developer
  • Preliminary consultation

  • Ballpark estimate to determine feasability

  • Requirements analysis and MVP design

  • Feature prioritization

  • Sprint planning and estimation

  • UI/UX design for sprint features

  • Develop + test features

  • QA and deployment


We begin by working collaboratively with you to learn your business and market. We'll help define the value proposition, map out a feature "wishlist", analyze competitors, and capture any risks or unknowns.


For large, complex software projects it's difficult to accurately estimate the requirements and challenges that will be faced without significant overhead. For these reasons, we generally advocate an agile software development process where product development is split into short iterations called "sprints".


We begin with a requirements analysis and product design phase where we establish a baseline specification for a Minimum Viable Product. An MVP is a distilled version of your product that provides the highest return on investment at the lowest risk. It includes only those core features that allow the product to serve its primary purpose.


Once an MVP has been established, we divide the features into two to three week development sprints, working top-down in priority. This iterative approach facilitates short, rapid releases for frequent user-testing and feedback.


The primary advantage of this approach is earlier time-to-market and reduced risk. You will validate your idea faster and can start generating revenue while your product is still undergoing development.

Fixed price / scope development process

  • For projects with well-defined scope and few unknowns
  • A fixed price is established before the project begins
  • Feature scope locked down to adhere to time and budget
  • Preliminary consultation

  • Ballpark estimate to help determine project feasability

  • Deposit + Requirements Engineering Phase

  • Estimation and scheduling, delivery of Functional Specification and Statement of Work

  • Deposit + contract signature

  • Development + testing

  • Final quality assurance, testing and deployment


We begin with an intensive requirements analysis and product design sprint. During this process, we work collaboratively with you to learn your business and market. We'll help define the value proposition, map out a feature "wishlist", analyze competitors, and capture unknowns and risks.


We then delve into the technical requirements and design what is essentially the blueprint for your software. This includes a functional specification and wireframes to communicate the intended system behaviour and ensure the end deliverable will meet expecations.


An estimate of cost and effort is then established and delivered in the form of a Statement of Work which we fix and agree to.


Once everything is signed off, we proceed with the development and testing of your software as per the specification. During the development stage, we work in short iterations to facilitate a consistent feedback loop.


After the development has completed, we undergo an alpha-testing phase for quality assurance under real-world usage. From there, we help devise a launch strategy and prepare for liftoff.

Our Philosophy

We believe software should be simple. We build the kind of software that we like to use — software that is fast, simple, and reliable.

Why Choose Deversus?

We understand the intangible nature of software development. Choosing custom software developers means taking a leap of faith on their capabilities and integrity.

Trusted by global brands and startups alike

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