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Condo Management Web Application — Case Study

Gateway Property Management

Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, XHTML/CSS, jQuery
Project Size: 5.5 person-months

Gateway Property Management Corporation is one of Canada's largest privately owned residential property management companies. With over 120 dedicated corporate employees in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, London, Kitchener, and Montreal, Gateway provides top-notch service to over 45,000 people living in Gateway managed properties.

Gateway contracted Deversus for the second time to develop a custom web application that would allow the company to manage their vast portfolio of condominium buildings online. The web application allows Gateway to upload detailed information about the thousands of condominium units they manage.

In addition to the information about each unit, the web application has also automated the entire process of distributing documents pertaining to each condo building. Gateway is now able to upload and store documents online, such as strata meeting minutes, bylaws, and engineering documents, which are then automatically accessible for purchase via Gateway's website.

The custom web application has completely changed the way customers interact with Gateway. Prospective tenants and buyers are now able to search and view condo information via Gateway's website, as well as contact associated sellers of vacant units. Lawyers, realtors, and other industry professionals are now able to find and purchase official condo documents and forms a la carte. The convenient feature allows these professionals to pay for their orders online and download the requested documents in a zipped package immediately after the purchase is complete. Condo unit owners and council members are also able to register online for access to their building's confidential condo information, including official documents.

Project Screenshots

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Centralized Condo Building Management

The custom web application allows Gateway to manage all information pertaining to their condo buildings from one centralized place. Building details, photos, unit information, and other data can all be uploaded to Gateway's online database.


Comprehensive Condo Information Management

Each condo has dozens, if not hundreds of documents that can be indexed in Gateways online database. These documents are automatically made accessible to condo unit owners and council members, as well as made available for purchase for lawyers, realtors, etc.


Online Document Centre

Condo documents uploaded by Gateway, such as Bylaws, Engineers Reports, Minutes, and Strata Plans are automatically made available for purchase through the Online Document Centre. Pricing is calculated in real-time and orders may be placed securely via credit card.


Automatic Document Bundling and Downloads

Upon processing an order, an e-mail is sent to the customer containing a link to download an auto-generated zip file containing the documents ordered.


Order Reporting

Gateway employees are able to monitor document orders and are notified when orders for custom forms are placed so that they can be fulfilled.


Condo Unit Owner Portal

Owners of condo units managed by Gateway are able to register for access to information pertaining to their unit.


Confidential Condo Information

Owners of condo units can access information uploaded by Gateway such as notices, manuals, or important contacts.

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