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Dental Course Registration Web Application — Case Study

OBI Canada

Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, XHTML/CSS, AJAX
Project Size: 3 person-months

OBI Canada is an organization that offers courses to Dental Professionals in the area of Bioesthetic Dentistry. OBI approached Deversus looking to attract new online business with a custom, stylish website that represented them as a pioneer in the field.

After thoroughly analyzing their business processes, Deversus designed a robust course management component that would give students the ability to browse, register, and pay for courses online. OBI welcomed the prospect of reducing the manual workload associated with the registration process.

The end solution allows OBI administrators to add and schedule courses, as well as generate numerous reports such as: registrant information, mailing lists, and tax and payment reports. Students can easily browse, register and pay for courses via a secure, real time credit card component.

The custom web application has dramatically reduced the manual workload required by employees of OBI and increased the ease through which potential clients can access services offered by OBI.

Project Screenshots

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Dynamic Dental Course Catalogue

Deversus developed a custom Content Managmeent System (CMS) for OBI to easily mange their course catalogue via an easy-to-use web interface. All information shown in the image here is being pulled from a backend database administered using the CMS.


Course Editor

The CMS allows web-based course content administration via an easy-to-use editor with image upload and resize capabilities, simple formatting, and valid XHTML output.


Dynamic Course Browser

OBI’s Dynamic Course Browser displays course content administered by the web-based CMS.


Automated Registration Package Management

The Automated Registration Package Management feature allows OBI to upload a Welcome Package for each course that will automatically be e-mailed to registrants. The Welcome Package contains items such as a welcome letter, supply list, directions, and any other information pertinent to course registration.


Dynamic Course Scheduler

OBI’s Dynamic Course Scheduler allows administrators to schedule and re-schedule courses from the Content Management System. This means each time a new instance of a previously offered course is scheduled, the administrator is not required to re-enter the course information and instead, simply provide the information that changes between sessions, such as dates, cost, and location.


Online Course Registration

Students are able to register and pay for courses online using the web application. Course and payment history are made available to students via the OBI website.


Real-Time Credit Card Processing Component

The secure Real-Time Credit Card Processing Component allows OBI's students to pay for courses online quickly and easily.


Course Enrollment Reports

Powerful Course Enrollment Reporting allows OBI to quickly view how many people are registered in a given course, and whether they have confirmed enrollment via deposit payment.


At-a-Glance Report

The At-a-Glance Report provides OBI with everything they need to know with regard to a registrant "at-a-glance". The registrants personal information, registration history, and payment history are easily accessible via one screen. Powerful AJAX features means more efficient use of screen real estate and quick access to large amounts of information.


Payment Reports

Powerful payment reporting features including a GST Report, Processed Payments Report, and Bank Deposit Slip Report give OBI the tools needed to manage the entire course registration process. The online credit card processing capability combined with these powerful reports has effectively streamlined OBI’s business model.

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