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Online Website Builder — Case Study

Pointstreak Sites

Technologies: PHP5, MySQL, CakePHP, Prototype, AJAX
Project Size: 7.5 person-months
ps-primary.gif Inc. is a sports technology company that is a world-leader in real-time sports statistics collection and distribution. Their clientele include over 1500 professional and amateur sports leagues across North America and Europe.

Pointstreak contracted Deversus to begin custom software development work on a multi-user website creation and template tool. The tool would subsequently allow Pointstreak's clients to update and edit all of the content on their websites through an easy-to-use Content Management System. The new service offering was designed to complement their existing core statistics business and allow Pointstreak to offer a competitive package to potential clients.

The custom Content Management System, dubbed Pointstreak Sites, required an infrastructure that would support thousands of simultaneous users and the ability to manage a wealth of data with efficiency. The major challenge, however, was the tight, 1.5 month timeline that Deversus was given to have a beta version of Pointstreak Sites ready.

Deversus worked closely with Pointstreak for the first two phases of the custom software development project — Project Inception and Elaboration. Through several face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and e-mails, Deversus and Pointstreak were able to effectively elicit and prioritize the project requirements to ensure a successful and on-time delivery of the first version of Pointstreak Sites.

Once the requirements were finalized, Deversus proceeded with the Systems Architecture design of the system, a key part in ensuring long-term extensibility, maintainability, and reliability of the software. Deversus recommended use of a Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework to provide a solid foundation for the software without compromising the tight timeline. The open-source CakePHP framework was chosen for because of its robustness and immense community backing by companies such as IBM.

After one month in development and a series of weekly releases and reviews, Deversus was able to deliver a fully functional beta version of Pointstreak Sites. Impressed with our ability to prioritize mission critical requirements and effectively develop a usable solution in such a short amount of time, Pointstreak retained Deversus for two and a half additional months of development to implement the remaining features.

Pointstreak has now released a stable version of Pointstreak Sites and has already licensed the product to over 300 clients.

Project Screenshots

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Powerful, In-Place Content Management

Deversus developed a powerful, hierarchy-based Content Management System that features intuitive, in-place content editing. Pages may be added to the top menu, side menu, sub-side menu, or bottom menu via a single click. Content management is made simple with an array of intuitive page elements that allow users to preview the final "look-and-feel" of their site as they add and edit content. Pages and content may be easily re-ordered or removed as the user desires.


Multiple Menu Types

Users may choose to add basic pages, internal or external website links, or stats pages to the website menus. Stats pages are integrated with Pointstreak's existing real-time stats engine, allowing clients to display their stats wherever they like on the website.


Multiple Page Elements

Users are able to select from an array of simple page elements that offer a standard look-and-feel for common types of content. Element types include basic content, stats and news aggregators, downloadable files, images, YouTube™ videos, internal or external website links, and page dividers.


Powerful WYSIWYG Text Editor

The powerful "What You See is What You Get" Text Editor allows users to preview their content as they add or modify it. The text editor outputs valid, search engine optimized XHTML content.


YouTube Video Integration

Users can easily add videos direct from to their website.


Public Mode Site Preview

Users can preview the final look of their site at any time simply by pressing the "Public Mode" button. Pages may be hidden from the public at the click of a button, so their content is not visible to others as they perform the edits.

PS_6.jpg Stats Integration

Deversus integrated the Pointstreak CMS with their existing real-time sports stats system.


Single Point Multi-Site Administration

Multiple sites are administered from a single location making Pointstreak's hosting configuration extremely simple and easy to maintain.


Easy Site Configuration and Setup

New sites may be added quickly and easily using the template-based configuration system.

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