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Travel Agency Management System — Case Study

Sacred Earth Journeys

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, CakePHP, jQuery, HXTML/CSS
Project Size: 3 person-months

Sacred Earth Journeys Ltd. is a unique, award winning travel company that specializes in Sacred Journeys, Wellness Travel, Yoga Retreats and Wisdom Teachings. They approached Deversus looking to streamline their business processes with web based software. After analyzing their requirements, we divided the system into 3 separate but related sections; a custom Journey content management system (CMS), a client management component, and an invoice management component.

The first component, the Journey content management system, is a robust tool that allows SEJ administrators to create a Journey and input all associated information including pricing, location, Journey type and all promotional information. This information is then used to build the customer facing section of the website, adhering to Sacred Earth Journeys' existing design. In addition, the website's menu and Journey search features are fully integrated with the Journey information. This streamlined approach allows SEJ to enter Journey information once and, without the cost of a web designer, update their website automatically.

The client management component allows SEJ to manage their client list, including those that have registered for Journeys or have signed up for the monthly newsletter. The Journey registration and newsletter signup forms automatically import clients to this list, and at a glance the administrators can see the Journeys a client has registered for. A powerful search feature allows SEJ to quickly find a client, and modify their information or remove them from the newsletter list. This component has removed the necessity for complicated offline storage methods and the hassle of data re-entry.

Finally, to tie the first two components together Deversus developed a complex but easy to use invoice management system. While viewing Journey information, administrators can see the clients that have registered for that Journey, as well as their amount owing. Upon entering the invoicing section, administrators are able to manually add payments, add flexible extra costs, and generate professional PDF invoices at the click of a button. Additionally, the system supports both Canadian and US currencies. This component has greatly reduced the overhead of paper-based invoice management and allows SEJ to focus on the core of their business.

Sacred Earth Journeys keeps in close contact and continues to use Deversus for application upgrades and feature additions. You can read a testimonial from the founder, Helen Tomei, here.

Project Screenshots

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Journey/Tour Management Content Management System (CMS)

SEJ is able to easily manage the specialized tours that are displayed on their website via a custom content management system.


Journey/Tour Scheduling

The tour scheduling component allows SEJ customers to view availability of the specialized tours online.


Online Trip Registration

Customers can book trips online using SEJ's custom registration form.


Customer and Contact Management System

The web application allows SEJ to view and manage registrant information in a single, centralized database.


Invoice Management

SEJ is able to automatically generate and send customized PDF invoices to trip registrants directly through the web application.

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