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Website Management Platform — Case Study

Tenant Verification Service, Inc.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, SilverStripe, XHTML/CSS
Project Size: 6 person-months

TVS is a fully-automated credit reporting agency that serves the needs of the residential rental industry by providing fraud prevention tools which target delinquent tenants. Specific areas of investigation include credit reports, criminal record searches, and eviction searches.

TVS partnered with Deversus for its custom web application development services to develop a new website management platform that integrated with their proprietary web-based tenant screening software. The website was required to be geo-location aware in order to serve the unique needs of businesses within the USA and Canada. The website also needed to allow TVS' staff to easily add and modify content for the USA and Canadian versions of the site with distinct, but sometimes overlapping material.

Deversus developed a highly customized version of its Content Management System with provisioning for USA, Canadian, and shared content, as well as custom modules for news releases, affiliate tracking, blog integration, real-time report pricing, and member signup. The solution is tightly integrated with TVS' proprietary web-based tenant screening software to ensure a seamless experience for both TVS' clients and administrative personnel.

Deversus also developed an online store for TVS to sell landlord forms and e-books, as well as a landlord blog. TVS continues to use Deversus' web application development services for new feature development within its web-based tenant screening software, and other web-based projects.

Project Screenshots

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New Website Design Integration

Deversus integrated TVS' new website design and layout with their existing content.


Geo-location Aware Website with Region-specific Content

The website management platform includes auto-detection of each visitor's location (Country) and serves the appropriate version of the content. The platform allows TVS to maintain content that is USA-specific, Canada-specific, or shared, so that visitors from either country only view content that is pertinent to them.


Custom Modules for Enhanced Content Types

The platform includes custom modules that allow TVS to publish specific content types, such as Articles of Interest. In this example, articles may be published by TVS' staff which are automatically featured on the home page. Visitors may also subscribe via RSS to receive the latest articles as they come out.


Pricing Integration

TVS' fees displayed on the website are integrated directly with the report database so they are always up to date.


Integration with TVS' Web-based Software

The website and content management system were integrated with TVS' web-based tenant screening software to ensure a seamless experience.


TVS eStore - Online Store for Landlord eBooks and Forms

Deversus developed an online store for TVS to sell eBooks and forms for landlords, property managers, tenants, and realtors.


TVS Landlord Blog

Deversus developed a WordPress-powered blog for TVS to publish articles targeted at landlords. The blog was also integrated with the Thesis framework for search engine optimization purposes.

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